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You can learn more from our asked questions

Here, we have gathered some of the most common questions our clients ask about our services and processes. Whether you’re curious about our product range, shipping procedures, or how we handle customs regulations, we have you covered.

Provide information on the account opening process, including any necessary documentation, requirements, and steps involved. Mention any online or offline options available for account registration.

Explain the range of financial instruments available for trading, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and derivatives. Highlight any specific markets or asset classes that your company specializes in.

This question allows you to showcase the global reach of your import and export operations and the countries you have established trade relationships with.

Provide information on how potential clients can initiate the order process, such as contacting your company directly or filling out an online inquiry form.

Highlight the specific industries or product categories your company specializes in to attract potential clients seeking those products.

Explain the steps involved in shipping and logistics, including documentation requirements, customs clearance, freight forwarding, and delivery timelines.

Still have you any problem for solutions?

For any inquiries relating to my import and export and Mentoring services feel free to speak to me personally by calling us during business hours.

Head office address:

Maslak, Istanbul, 34485, Turkey.

Call for help:

+90 541 979 97 57

Mail for information:


    Unlock limitless opportunities and achieve unparalleled growth with ARKA Istanbul Trading, the leading trading company in Istanbul. With a proven track record and a sterling reputation, we are your trusted partner in navigating the complex world of international trade.

    MASLAK İstanbul, Türkiye
    (Sat - Thursday)
    (10am - 06 pm)

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